A Guide to Arezzo’s Ancient Churches and Cathedrals

Welcome to Arezzo, a charming city in Tuscany, Italy, known for its rich history and stunning architecture. In this guide, we will take you on a journey to explore the ancient churches and cathedrals that dot the city’s landscape. From intricate frescoes to majestic bell towers, Arezzo’s religious buildings offer a glimpse into the city’s past and a chance to marvel at the beauty of its art and architecture.

Discovering Arezzo’s Sacred Sites

Arezzo is home to a number of ancient churches and cathedrals, each with its own unique history and architectural style. As you wander through the city streets, be sure to visit these must-see religious sites:

Santa Maria della Pieve

One of the oldest churches in Arezzo, Santa Maria della Pieve dates back to the 12th century and is known for its striking façade adorned with intricate geometric patterns and sculptures. Step inside to admire the church’s Romanesque architecture and marvel at the stunning frescoes that decorate its walls.

Cathedral of San Donato

Dedicated to Arezzo’s patron saint, the Cathedral of San Donato is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. Admire the cathedral’s impressive façade and step inside to explore its ornate interior, which features beautiful stained glass windows, intricate carvings, and a stunning altarpiece by the renowned artist Piero della Francesca.

Basilica of San Francesco

Founded in the 13th century, the Basilica of San Francesco is a must-visit for art lovers. The basilica is home to the famous Legend of the True Cross fresco cycle by Piero della Francesca, which depicts scenes from the life of Christ and the history of the cross. Don’t miss the chance to see this masterpiece up close.

Church of San Domenico

Located near the Piazza Grande, the Church of San Domenico is a beautiful example of Renaissance architecture. Step inside to admire the church’s elegant interior and marvel at the stunning frescoes by artists such as Spinello Aretino and Bartolomeo della Gatta.

Santissima Annunziata

This charming church is known for its beautiful cloister, which features stunning frescoes and a peaceful garden perfect for reflection. Take a leisurely stroll through the cloister and admire the intricate details of the frescoes that adorn its walls.


Arezzo’s ancient churches and cathedrals are not just places of worship; they are also living testaments to the city’s rich history and cultural heritage. As you explore these sacred sites, take the time to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that went into creating these architectural wonders. Whether you are a history buff, an art enthusiast, or simply a curious traveler, Arezzo’s ancient churches are sure to captivate and inspire you. So, make sure to include a visit to these ancient churches and cathedrals in your itinerary and experience the beauty and history of Arezzo firsthand.

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