# What is There to Do in Rome on Sunday?

If you’re planning a trip to Rome and happen to be there on a Sunday, you might be wondering what there is to do. Fortunately, there are plenty of activities and attractions to keep you busy on this day of the week. From exploring historical landmarks to experiencing local culture, here are some of the best things to do in Rome on a Sunday.

Visit the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica

On Sundays, the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica are open to the public. This means you have the opportunity to see some of the most incredible works of art and architecture in the world. The Vatican Museums house a vast collection of ancient sculptures, paintings, and other artifacts. Meanwhile, St. Peter’s Basilica is a stunning example of Renaissance architecture and features works by Michelangelo and other famous artists.

Take a Stroll Through Trastevere

Trastevere is a neighborhood in Rome that is known for its charming streets, lively atmosphere, and delicious food. On Sundays, it’s an especially great place to visit because there are typically outdoor markets and street performers throughout the area. Take a leisurely stroll through the streets, stop for a coffee or gelato, and soak up the local culture.

Visit Santa Maria in Trastevere

While you’re in Trastevere, be sure to visit Santa Maria in Trastevere, one of the oldest churches in Rome. This church dates back to the 4th century and features stunning mosaics and other artwork. It’s a peaceful and beautiful place to spend some time on a Sunday.

Explore the Gianicolo Hill

The Gianicolo Hill is a beautiful spot in Rome that offers panoramic views of the city. On Sundays, you can enjoy a leisurely walk up the hill and take in the sights. There are also several historical landmarks and monuments on the hill, including the Fontana dell’Acqua Paola and the Garibaldi Monument.

Visit the Colosseum and Roman Forum

The Colosseum and Roman Forum are two of Rome’s most iconic landmarks. On Sundays, they are open to the public, so it’s a great day to visit and explore these ancient ruins. The Colosseum was once used for gladiator battles and other public spectacles, while the Roman Forum was the center of political and social life in ancient Rome.

Enjoy a Sunday Brunch

If you’re looking for a more relaxed way to spend your Sunday in Rome, consider enjoying a brunch at one of the city’s many cafes or restaurants. There are plenty of places to choose from, whether you’re in the mood for a traditional Italian breakfast or something more international. Some popular spots include Roscioli, La Punta Expendio de Agave, and Marigold Roma.


As you can see, there are plenty of things to do in Rome on a Sunday. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or just taking it easy, there’s something for everyone. From visiting world-famous landmarks to exploring charming neighborhoods and enjoying delicious food, a Sunday in Rome is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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