# What to Do If You Lose Your Cat in Rome, Italy

As a travel expert, we know that losing a pet while on holiday can be a distressing experience. This is especially true when you’re in a foreign country and don’t know how to navigate the local resources. If you find yourself in Rome, Italy, and your cat has gone missing, don’t panic! There are several steps you can take to increase your chances of finding your feline friend. In this article, we’ll share our top tips on what to do if you lose your cat in Rome.

Step 1: Search the Area

The first thing you should do is search the area where you last saw your cat. Rome is a big city, so it’s important to focus your search on the neighborhood where your cat went missing. Walk around the area, call out your cat’s name and listen for any meows or sounds. Don’t forget to check under cars, in bushes and behind fences. If your cat is microchipped, make sure to bring a scanner with you so you can check for any nearby vets or animal shelters.

Step 2: Ask the Locals

The next step is to ask the locals for help. Italians are known for their love of cats, so don’t be shy about asking for assistance. Visit nearby shops, cafes, and restaurants and ask if anyone has seen your cat. You can also put up posters in the area and share your search on social media. There are several Facebook groups dedicated to lost pets in Rome, so be sure to join these groups and ask for help.

Subsection: Contact the Local Authorities

If you’re still having trouble finding your cat, it’s time to contact the local authorities. In Rome, there are several organizations that can help with lost pets. The first is the Municipality of Rome’s Animal Protection Service (Servizio Tutela Animali), who can be reached at +39 06 67109282. They will assist in searching for your cat and provide information on animal shelters in the area. You can also contact the Italian Animal Protection Association (ENPA), who have a dedicated hotline for lost pets: +39 06 3356 888. They can also provide assistance in searching for your cat and can help with reuniting you with your pet.

Step 3: Check Animal Shelters

If your cat is still missing after contacting the local authorities, it’s time to check the animal shelters. Rome has several animal shelters, so you’ll need to call around to find out if they have your cat. The shelters may also have a list of cats that have been found and are waiting to be reunited with their owners. Here are a few animal shelters in Rome to consider:

  • Esposizione Universale Roma (EUR) Animal Shelter: +39 06 54220807
  • – A.N.P.A. (Associazione Nazionale Protezione Animali) Shelter: +39 06 4554 6370
  • – Roma Pet Center Shelter: +39 06 3325 2439

Subsection: Consider Hiring a Pet Detective

If you’re still having trouble finding your cat, you may want to consider hiring a pet detective. These professionals specialize in finding lost pets and have a variety of tools at their disposal, including search dogs, infrared cameras, and GPS trackers. In Rome, there are several pet detectives to choose from, including:

  • Pet Detective Italy: +39 349 130 1919
  • – Pet Detective Roma: +39 333 428 6303
  • – Trovami Un Gatto (Find Me a Cat): +39 328 723 6557


Losing a pet while on holiday can be a stressful experience, but don’t give up hope. If you find yourself in Rome, Italy, and your cat has gone missing, follow these steps to increase your chances of finding your feline friend. Remember to stay calm, ask for help, and utilize all available resources. With a little luck and persistence, you’ll be reunited with your pet in no time.

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