# What to Do in 2 Days in Rome

Rome is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world. With so much to see and do, it can be overwhelming to try and fit everything into a short trip. However, with careful planning, it is possible to experience the best of Rome in just two days. Here is a guide on what to do in 2 days in Rome.

Day 1: Ancient Rome

The Colosseum

Start your day early at the Colosseum, the iconic symbol of Rome. This ancient amphitheater once held up to 80,000 spectators and was the site of many gladiator battles and public spectacles. Be sure to book your tickets in advance to avoid long lines.

Roman Forum

Next, head to the Roman Forum, the center of ancient Rome’s political and social life. This sprawling complex of ruins includes temples, courthouses, and public spaces. A guided tour is highly recommended to fully appreciate the significance of each site.

Palatine Hill

Finish your morning at Palatine Hill, one of Rome’s seven hills and the site of the city’s earliest settlement. The hill offers stunning views of the city and is home to the ruins of the imperial palaces.

Lunch at Trastevere

After a busy morning of sightseeing, head to the charming neighborhood of Trastevere for a leisurely lunch. This bohemian area is known for its narrow streets, colorful buildings, and lively atmosphere. Try a classic Roman dish like carbonara or cacio e pepe at one of the area’s many trattorias.

Vatican Museums

In the afternoon, head to the Vatican Museums, home to some of the world’s most important art collections. The museums are vast, so consider booking a guided tour to see the highlights, including the Sistine Chapel and Raphael Rooms.

St. Peter’s Basilica

End your day at St. Peter’s Basilica, one of the most important churches in the world. The basilica is home to many priceless works of art, including Michelangelo’s Pietà. Be sure to climb to the top of the dome for breathtaking views of the city.

Day 2: Baroque Rome

Spanish Steps

Start your day at the Spanish Steps, one of Rome’s most famous landmarks. These 135 steps lead up to the Trinità dei Monti church and offer stunning views of the city below.

Trevi Fountain

Next, head to the Trevi Fountain, one of Rome’s most iconic sites. Legend has it that throwing a coin into the fountain ensures a return trip to Rome. Be sure to take a few moments to admire the intricate Baroque sculpture.


After the fountain, make your way to the Pantheon, one of the best-preserved ancient Roman buildings in the world. This temple to all the gods is a marvel of engineering and is still in use today as a church.

Lunch at Campo de’ Fiori

For lunch, head to Campo de’ Fiori, a bustling square known for its lively market and outdoor cafes. Try some fresh pasta or pizza while taking in the lively atmosphere.

Piazza Navona

In the afternoon, visit Piazza Navona, one of Rome’s most beautiful squares. The centerpiece of the square is the Fountain of the Four Rivers, designed by Baroque master Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Villa Borghese

End your day at Villa Borghese, a stunning park filled with beautiful gardens, museums, and art galleries. The park is home to the Borghese Gallery, which houses an impressive collection of Baroque and Renaissance art.

With this two-day itinerary, you will be able to experience the best of Rome’s ancient and Baroque history, art, and culture. Buon viaggio!

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