# What to do in Castello Venice

If you’re planning a trip to Venice, one of the most stunning and historical neighborhoods that you shouldn’t miss is Castello. Located in the eastern part of the city, Castello is the largest sestiere (district) of Venice, and it’s considered the most authentic one. If you want to experience the true essence of Venice and discover its hidden gems, Castello is the perfect place for you.

Explore the Historical Sites

Castello is home to some of the most remarkable historical sites of Venice. The first stop you should make is the Arsenale, which was once the heart of the Venetian naval power. The Arsenale is a vast complex of buildings and docks that dates back to the 12th century, and it’s now used for cultural events and exhibitions.

Another must-visit is the Church of San Pietro di Castello, which was the original cathedral of Venice before it was moved to San Marco. The church is a masterpiece of Venetian Gothic architecture, and it’s adorned with stunning artworks and frescoes.

If you want to admire the magnificent views of Venice, head to San Giorgio degli Schiavoni, a church that’s perched on a hill overlooking the city. From there, you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the lagoon and the islands.

Wander Through the Hidden Corners

One of the charms of Castello is its narrow alleys and hidden corners that are waiting to be discovered. Take a stroll through Via Garibaldi, a long and vibrant street that’s lined with local shops, bars, and restaurants. It’s the perfect place to experience the real Venetian lifestyle and taste some authentic cuisine.

Another hidden gem is the Fondamenta della Misericordia, a picturesque canal that’s lined with colorful houses and lively bars. It’s the ideal spot to enjoy a drink or a meal while watching the gondolas pass by.

If you’re looking for a peaceful and tranquil place, head to the Giardini della Biennale, a beautiful park that’s located near the Arsenale. The park is a green oasis in the heart of the city, and it’s the perfect place for a picnic or a relaxing walk.

Indulge in the Local Culture

Venice is famous for its rich cultural heritage, and Castello is no exception. If you’re interested in art, visit the Scuola di San Giorgio degli Schiavoni, a museum that houses a collection of paintings by Carpaccio, one of the most renowned Venetian artists of the Renaissance.

Another cultural institution that you shouldn’t miss is the Fondazione Querini Stampalia, a museum that’s dedicated to Venetian art and history. The museum is housed in a beautiful palace that was once the home of a noble Venetian family, and it’s now open to the public.

Finally, if you want to experience the local traditions, visit the Mercato di Rialto, one of the oldest and most famous markets of Venice. The market is a vibrant and colorful place, where you can find fresh seafood, fruits, and vegetables, as well as souvenirs and local products.

In conclusion, Castello is a neighborhood that’s full of surprises and hidden treasures. From its historical sites to its hidden corners and local culture, there’s something for everyone. If you want to experience the true essence of Venice, make sure to include Castello in your itinerary.

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