# What to Do in Milan for Kids

Milan is a vibrant city filled with history, culture, and plenty of activities for kids to enjoy. From interactive museums to beautiful parks, there is no shortage of things to do to keep your little ones entertained. In this article, we will explore some of the best attractions and activities that Milan has to offer for families traveling with children.


When planning a family trip to Milan, it’s important to consider the interests and ages of your children. Milan may be known as a fashion and business hub, but it also has a lot to offer for younger visitors. With its rich history, architectural wonders, and picturesque parks, Milan provides a unique blend of educational and recreational experiences.

Exploring the Duomo

The Duomo di Milano is one of the most iconic landmarks in Milan and a must-visit attraction for families. Kids will be amazed by the grandeur of this Gothic cathedral, with its towering spires and intricate details. Take the opportunity to climb to the rooftop terrace and enjoy breathtaking views of the city. Inside the cathedral, children can learn about its history through interactive displays and guided tours designed specifically for younger visitors.

The Duomo Museum

Located adjacent to the Duomo, the Duomo Museum offers a fascinating collection of artifacts and artworks related to the cathedral’s history. The museum provides an immersive experience for children, with multimedia presentations and hands-on activities. Kids can learn about the construction of the Duomo and the significance of its various architectural elements.

Discovering Leonardo da Vinci

Milan is home to one of the greatest minds in history, Leonardo da Vinci. Visiting the Leonardo da Vinci Museum is a fantastic opportunity for kids to learn about his inventions and scientific discoveries. The museum features interactive exhibits that allow children to touch, play, and experiment with replicas of da Vinci’s machines. From flying machines to mechanical devices, kids will be inspired by da Vinci’s genius.

Parco della Vittoria

After exploring the museum, take a short walk to Parco della Vittoria, a beautiful park with a playground inspired by da Vinci’s inventions. Kids can climb on replicas of his machines, including a giant swing and a wooden horse. The park also offers picnic areas and open spaces, perfect for enjoying a family lunch or a relaxing break.

Navigli Canals

The Navigli Canals are a picturesque area in Milan that offers a unique experience for families. Take a leisurely stroll along the canals and enjoy the charming atmosphere. Kids will be fascinated by the sight of the canal boats and the opportunity to feed the ducks. The surrounding area is filled with quaint shops, gelato stands, and cafés, providing plenty of options for a tasty treat.

Gelato Tasting

No trip to Italy is complete without indulging in some gelato. Milan offers a wide variety of gelato shops, and kids will love the opportunity to sample different flavors. From classic favorites like chocolate and strawberry to unique combinations like pistachio and basil, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Encourage your children to try new flavors and embrace the Italian gelato culture.

Parco Sempione

Parco Sempione is a beautiful park located near the Sforza Castle, offering a tranquil escape from the bustling city. The park features expansive green spaces, a peaceful lake, and a playground for children. Kids can run, play, and enjoy the fresh air while parents relax and take in the stunning surroundings. The park also hosts various events and concerts throughout the year, providing additional entertainment options.

Visiting Castello Sforzesco

Located within Parco Sempione, Castello Sforzesco is a medieval fortress that has been transformed into a museum. The castle offers a range of activities for kids, including guided tours specifically designed for younger visitors. Kids can learn about the castle’s history, explore its rooms and courtyards, and even try on medieval costumes. The castle also houses several art collections, providing an opportunity for children to admire famous paintings and sculptures.

In conclusion, Milan has a lot to offer for families traveling with children. From historical landmarks to interactive museums and beautiful parks, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re exploring the Duomo, discovering Leonardo da Vinci, or simply strolling along the canals, Milan provides a unique and memorable experience for kids of all ages. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable family adventure in the heart of Italy.

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