# What to Do in Naples Tonight

If you’re in Naples and looking for something to do tonight, you’re in luck! This vibrant city has plenty to offer for a fun and memorable evening. From live music to delicious food and drinks, there’s something for everyone. Here are our top picks for what to do in Naples tonight.

Catch a Live Show at Teatro di San Carlo

For a night of culture and entertainment, head to the famous Teatro di San Carlo. The oldest continuously active opera house in the world, this stunning venue hosts a range of performances, from opera to ballet. Take in the beautiful architecture and enjoy the world-class talent on stage.

Enjoy a Pre-Show Dinner at Pizzeria da Michele

Before the show, stop by Pizzeria da Michele for some of the best pizza in Naples. This famous pizzeria has been serving up delicious pies since 1870, and is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Be sure to try their classic margherita pizza, made with fresh mozzarella and San Marzano tomatoes.

Sip Cocktails at Bar del Fico

After the show, head to Bar del Fico for some drinks and live music. This cozy bar is located in the heart of Naples and is known for its creative cocktails and lively atmosphere. Sit back, relax, and soak in the vibrant energy of the city.

Explore the Historic Center

For a more low-key evening, take a stroll through the historic center of Naples. This UNESCO World Heritage site is full of beautiful architecture, charming alleyways, and delicious food. Stop by Piazza del Plebiscito, the largest square in Naples, and admire the stunning Royal Palace and San Francesco di Paola church.

Sample Street Food at Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba

As you wander through the historic center, be sure to stop by Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba for some street food. This legendary pizzeria is said to have invented the pizza margherita, and has been serving up delicious pies since 1738. Try their fried pizza or a classic margherita, and wash it down with a cold beer.

Sip Wine at Enoteca Belledonne

End your evening with a glass of wine at Enoteca Belledonne. This cozy wine bar is located in the heart of the historic center and offers a wide selection of Italian wines. Sit at the bar and chat with the friendly staff, or relax on the outdoor terrace and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

No matter what you choose to do in Naples tonight, you’re sure to have a memorable time. With its vibrant energy, delicious food, and rich history, this city is a must-visit destination for any traveler.

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