# What to Do in Naples When It Rains

If you’re visiting Naples and the weather forecast calls for rain, don’t worry – there are plenty of indoor activities to keep you entertained. From exploring museums to indulging in the city’s famous cuisine, here are some of the best things to do in Naples when it rains.

Museums and Art Galleries

Naples is home to a wealth of museums and art galleries that are perfect for a rainy day. One of the most popular is the National Archaeological Museum, which houses an impressive collection of ancient artifacts and artwork. You can also visit the Museo di Capodimonte, which features works by famous artists such as Caravaggio, Raphael, and Titian.

If you’re interested in contemporary art, check out the Madre Museum, which showcases works by Italian and international artists. And if you’re a fan of photography, don’t miss the Fondazione Morra Greco, which focuses on contemporary photography and video art.

Food and Drink

When it’s raining outside, there’s nothing better than indulging in some of Naples’ famous cuisine. Head to a local pizzeria and try a classic Margherita pizza, or sample some of the city’s renowned seafood dishes.

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, stop by a local pasticceria and try a sfogliatella, a traditional Neapolitan pastry filled with ricotta and candied fruit. And of course, no trip to Naples is complete without sampling some of the city’s famous espresso.


Naples is a shopper’s paradise, with plenty of indoor markets and shopping centers to explore. Head to the Galleria Umberto I, a stunning 19th-century shopping arcade that’s perfect for a rainy day. You can also check out the Mercato di Porta Nolana, a bustling indoor market that sells everything from fresh seafood to clothing and accessories.

If you’re looking for unique souvenirs, head to the Centro Storico and browse the many artisan shops that line the streets. You’ll find everything from handmade pottery and ceramics to leather goods and jewelry.

Relax and Unwind

If you’re looking for a more low-key activity, why not spend a rainy day relaxing and unwinding? Naples is home to many thermal baths and spas, where you can soak in warm, healing waters and indulge in a variety of treatments.

One of the most popular is the Terme di Agnano, a thermal spa that’s been in operation since Roman times. You can also check out the Stufe di Nerone, a series of ancient Roman thermal baths that have been restored and are open to visitors.


While a rainy day might put a damper on your outdoor plans, there are plenty of indoor activities to keep you entertained in Naples. From exploring museums to indulging in the city’s famous cuisine, there’s something for everyone. So don’t let a little rain stop you from enjoying everything this beautiful city has to offer.

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