# What to Do in Rome for Two Days

Rome is a city with a rich history, stunning architecture, and delicious food. It can be overwhelming to plan a trip to Rome, especially if you only have two days to explore. But don’t worry, this guide will help you make the most of your time in the Eternal City.

Day 1: Explore the Historic Center

Visit the Colosseum and Roman Forum

No trip to Rome is complete without visiting the Colosseum and Roman Forum. These iconic landmarks are a testament to Rome’s rich history and architectural prowess. Start your day early to avoid crowds and purchase your tickets online in advance to skip the long lines.

Wander the Streets of Trastevere

Trastevere is a charming neighborhood with cobblestone streets and colorful buildings. It’s the perfect place to wander and get lost for a few hours. Stop by Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere and admire the stunning Basilica di Santa Maria, one of the oldest churches in Rome.

Visit the Pantheon

The Pantheon is one of the best-preserved ancient buildings in the world. It’s a marvel of engineering and a must-see attraction in Rome. Don’t forget to look up at the stunning dome and take a moment to appreciate the history and beauty of this incredible structure.

Day 2: Art and Food

Visit the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

The Vatican Museums are home to some of the world’s most famous art and artifacts. The Sistine Chapel is a highlight of the museum and a must-see attraction in Rome. Book your tickets online in advance to avoid lines and crowds.

Enjoy a Roman Food Tour

Rome is famous for its delicious food, and a food tour is the perfect way to experience the city’s culinary scene. Join a local guide who will take you to the best food spots in the city, including markets, restaurants, and gelaterias. You’ll get to taste authentic Roman cuisine and learn about the city’s food culture.

Explore the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps

The Trevi Fountain is one of the most famous landmarks in Rome and a popular tourist spot. Toss a coin into the fountain to ensure your return to Rome. Then, head to the Spanish Steps, a beautiful staircase with stunning views of the city.


Rome is a city with endless attractions and activities. With just two days, it’s impossible to see everything, but this guide will help you make the most of your time in the city. Remember to wear comfortable shoes, bring a map or GPS, and enjoy the beauty and history of Rome.

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