# What to do in Rome if it Rains

Rome is a beautiful city, with its stunning architecture, delicious food, and rich history. But what happens when the weather doesn’t cooperate? Don’t worry, there are plenty of things to do in Rome even when it rains. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best indoor activities and attractions in the city.

Museums and Art Galleries (H2)

When it rains in Rome, one of the best places to go is a museum or art gallery. Not only will you stay dry, but you’ll also get to experience some of the city’s best cultural offerings. Here are two of our top picks:

Vatican Museums (H3)

The Vatican Museums are home to some of the world’s most famous art and artifacts. With over 20 rooms and galleries, you could easily spend an entire day exploring this incredible collection. Highlights include the Sistine Chapel, the Gallery of Maps, and the Raphael Rooms.

Borghese Gallery (H3)

The Borghese Gallery is a must-visit destination for art lovers. Housed in a stunning 17th-century villa, the gallery features works by some of the greatest artists in history, including Bernini, Caravaggio, and Raphael. Be sure to book your tickets in advance, as entry is limited to a certain number of visitors per day.

Shopping (H2)

Another great option for a rainy day in Rome is shopping. From high-end boutiques to charming local markets, there’s something for everyone. Here are two places to check out:

Galleria Alberto Sordi (H3)

The Galleria Alberto Sordi is a beautiful shopping arcade located in the heart of Rome. Built in the early 20th century, it features a stunning glass dome and boasts a wide selection of shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Mercato Centrale (H3)

If you’re looking for a more authentic shopping experience, head to the Mercato Centrale. This indoor market is a foodie’s paradise, with dozens of stalls selling everything from fresh pasta to artisanal cheeses. Be sure to sample some of the delicious street food while you’re there.

Indoor Attractions (H2)

Finally, there are plenty of indoor attractions in Rome that are worth a visit. Here are two of our favorites:

Castel Sant’Angelo (H3)

The Castel Sant’Angelo is a historic fortress that dates back to the Roman Empire. Over the centuries, it has served as a papal residence, a prison, and a museum. Today, visitors can explore its fascinating history and enjoy stunning views of the city from the top.

Cinecittà Studios (H3)

Movie buffs won’t want to miss the chance to visit the Cinecittà Studios. This legendary film studio has been the site of countless classic movies, including Ben-Hur, La Dolce Vita, and The Godfather. Visitors can take a guided tour and see props, sets, and costumes from some of their favorite films.

In conclusion, while rain may put a damper on your outdoor plans, there are still plenty of things to do in Rome. From museums and shopping to indoor attractions, the city has something for everyone. So don’t let a little rain spoil your trip – embrace the opportunity to explore Rome in a different way.

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