# What to Do in Rome in Three Days

Rome is a city that offers endless opportunities for exploration, but if you only have three days to spend in the Eternal City, it can be overwhelming to decide what to do and see. Fear not, as we have compiled a list of must-visit attractions and hidden gems to make the most out of your short stay in Rome.

Day 1: Ancient Rome and Vatican City

Colosseum and Roman Forum

Start your first day by stepping back in time and visiting the Colosseum and Roman Forum. These iconic landmarks will take you on a journey through ancient Rome and its rich history. The Colosseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, is the largest amphitheatre ever built and was used for gladiator battles and other public spectacles. The Roman Forum, located just a short walk from the Colosseum, was the political and social center of ancient Rome.

Vatican City

No trip to Rome is complete without a visit to Vatican City, the smallest country in the world. Home to the Pope and some of the most impressive art and architecture in the world, Vatican City is a must-see for any traveler. Visit St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums, which house the Sistine Chapel and numerous other masterpieces.

Day 2: Food and Art

Trastevere Neighborhood

On your second day, explore the charming Trastevere neighborhood, known for its winding cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and bustling nightlife. This neighborhood is home to some of the best restaurants in Rome, serving traditional Roman dishes like carbonara and cacio e pepe. After lunch, visit the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, one of the oldest churches in Rome.

Galleria Borghese

After lunch, head to the Galleria Borghese, a museum that houses an impressive collection of art from the Baroque period. The museum is located in the beautiful Villa Borghese, one of the largest parks in Rome. The museum requires booking in advance, so make sure to plan ahead.

Day 3: Shopping and Panoramic Views

Via del Corso

On your last day, indulge in some retail therapy on Via del Corso, the main shopping street in Rome. This street is home to some of the biggest fashion brands in the world, as well as local boutiques selling handmade goods.

Gianicolo Hill

End your trip with a breathtaking panoramic view of Rome from Gianicolo Hill. This hill is located just outside the city center and offers stunning views of the city skyline. On your way back to the city center, stop by the Fontana dell’Acqua Paola, a beautiful Baroque fountain.

In conclusion, Rome is a city that offers endless possibilities for exploration and discovery. With just three days, you can experience some of the best attractions and hidden gems that Rome has to offer. From ancient landmarks to world-class art, delicious food to panoramic views, Rome is a destination that will leave you wanting more.

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