# What to Do in Rome March 2023: A Guide for Travel Enthusiasts

If you’re planning a trip to Rome in March 2023, you’re in for a treat. The weather is mild and comfortable, the crowds are thinner than in the peak season, and the city is buzzing with events and activities. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, an art lover, or just looking for some fun, Rome has something for everyone. In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the best things to do in Rome in March 2023.

Explore the City’s Historical Sites

Rome is known for its rich history and cultural heritage, and March is the perfect time to explore its many historical sites. The Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, and the Vatican Museums are just a few of the must-see attractions. If you want to avoid the crowds, consider visiting these sites early in the morning or late in the afternoon. You can also book a guided tour to learn more about the history and significance of each site.

Visit the Colosseum

The Colosseum is one of the most iconic landmarks in Rome, and it’s a must-visit for anyone interested in Roman history. This ancient amphitheater was built in 80 AD and could hold up to 50,000 spectators. Today, you can explore the ruins and learn about the gladiatorial games that took place here. Be sure to book your tickets in advance to avoid long lines.

Explore the Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums are home to some of the world’s most famous art and artifacts, including the Sistine Chapel and the Raphael Rooms. In March, you can enjoy the collections without the usual crowds. You can also book a guided tour to learn more about the history and significance of each piece.

Indulge in Rome’s Food and Wine Scene

Rome is famous for its delicious cuisine and wine, and March is a great time to indulge in both. From traditional trattorias to trendy wine bars, there’s something for every taste and budget. Be sure to try the local specialties, such as pasta alla carbonara, cacio e pepe, and supplì (deep-fried rice balls).

Take a Food Tour

If you want to get a taste of Rome’s food scene, consider taking a food tour. A knowledgeable guide will take you to some of the city’s best foodie spots, where you can sample local specialties and learn about the history and culture behind each dish.

Visit a Wine Bar

Rome is also home to some excellent wine bars, where you can sample local and regional wines. Many bars offer wine tastings and food pairings, so you can enjoy the flavors of Rome to the fullest.

Attend Festivals and Events

March is a busy month in Rome, with several festivals and events taking place throughout the city. From religious celebrations to cultural events, there’s something for everyone.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Even in Rome, St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal. You can join in the festivities by attending the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which takes place in the historic center of Rome. You can also enjoy traditional Irish music, food, and drinks at many of the city’s pubs and bars.

Experience the Rome Marathon

The Rome Marathon is one of the most popular events in the city, attracting runners from around the world. Even if you’re not a runner, you can still enjoy the festive atmosphere and cheer on the participants.

In conclusion, Rome is a city with something for everyone, and March is a great time to visit. Whether you want to explore the city’s historical sites, indulge in its food and wine scene, or attend festivals and events, you’re sure to have a memorable trip. So start planning your trip to Rome in March 2023 today!

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