# What to Do in Rome on May 1

May 1 is a public holiday in Italy, known as Labor Day or May Day. If you happen to be in Rome on this day, you’ll find plenty of things to do and see. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best activities and events that you can enjoy on May 1 in the Eternal City.

Explore the City’s Parks and Gardens

One of the best ways to spend May 1 in Rome is to explore the city’s parks and gardens. The weather is usually pleasant, and you can enjoy the beautiful green spaces that the city has to offer. Here are some of the best parks and gardens to visit:

Villa Borghese

Located in the heart of Rome, Villa Borghese is a vast park that offers a variety of attractions. You can visit the Borghese Gallery, which houses an impressive collection of art, or rent a bike and explore the park’s many paths and trails.

Appia Antica Regional Park

If you’re looking for a more peaceful and natural setting, Appia Antica Regional Park is a great choice. This park is home to the ancient Appian Way, as well as several tombs and ruins from the Roman Empire.

Attend a May Day Parade

May Day is an important day for workers in Italy, and many cities hold parades and demonstrations to celebrate the holiday. In Rome, you can attend the annual May Day Parade, which usually starts at Piazza San Giovanni and ends at Piazza della Repubblica. The parade features music, dancing, and speeches by labor leaders and politicians.

Visit the Vatican Museums

If you’re interested in art and history, the Vatican Museums are a must-see attraction in Rome. On May 1, the museums are open to the public, and you can explore the many galleries and exhibitions at your own pace. The highlight of the museum is the Sistine Chapel, which features Michelangelo’s famous ceiling fresco.

Take a Day Trip

If you’re looking to escape the crowds in Rome, you can take a day trip to one of the nearby towns or cities. Here are some of the best options:

Ostia Antica

Located just outside of Rome, Ostia Antica is an ancient Roman town that was once a major port. Today, the town is a well-preserved archaeological site, with ruins of houses, temples, and public buildings.


Tivoli is a picturesque town located about 30 kilometers from Rome. It’s home to two famous villas: Villa d’Este, which features beautiful gardens and fountains, and Villa Adriana, which was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian.


May 1 is a great day to be in Rome, with plenty of activities and events to choose from. Whether you want to explore the city’s parks and gardens, attend a May Day parade, visit the Vatican Museums, or take a day trip, there’s something for everyone. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable May Day in the Eternal City!

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