# What to Do in Rome When Hot

Rome is a beautiful city, full of history, art, and culture. However, during the summer months, it can get very hot and humid. If you’re planning a trip to Rome during this time, it’s essential to plan accordingly. There are still plenty of things to see and do in Rome when it’s hot, from visiting museums to exploring the city’s beautiful parks. Here’s a guide to help you make the most of your time in Rome when the temperatures rise.

Stay Cool Indoors

One of the best ways to beat the heat in Rome is to spend some time indoors. Luckily, Rome has plenty of museums and galleries to explore. The Vatican Museums are a must-see for any visitor to Rome, and they offer a fantastic collection of art and artifacts. The Galleria Borghese is another must-visit museum, with an impressive collection of sculptures and paintings. The Capitoline Museums are also worth a visit, with their collection of ancient Roman artifacts.

If you’re looking for something a little different, head to the MAXXI, the National Museum of 21st Century Art. This museum showcases contemporary art in a stunning modern building designed by Zaha Hadid. The Palazzo delle Esposizioni is another excellent option, with its rotating exhibits and beautiful architecture.

Explore Rome’s Parks

If you want to enjoy the outdoors while staying cool, Rome has plenty of parks to explore. The Villa Borghese is a vast park in the center of Rome, with beautiful gardens, fountains, and sculptures. You can rent a bike or take a stroll through the park and enjoy the shade of the trees. The Villa Pamphili is another beautiful park, with its rolling hills, walking paths, and stunning views of the city.

If you’re looking for something a little more off the beaten path, head to the Appian Way Regional Park. This park is home to the ancient Appian Way, as well as several ancient Roman tombs. You can explore the park on foot or by bike and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Take a Dip in the Pool

If you’re looking to cool off, why not take a dip in one of Rome’s many pools? The Piscina delle Rose is a beautiful outdoor pool in the heart of Rome, with plenty of sun loungers and umbrellas. The Piscina delle Rose also has a bar and restaurant, so you can enjoy a cold drink or a meal while you relax.

If you’re looking for something a little more upscale, head to the Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria. This luxurious hotel has a stunning outdoor pool with beautiful views of the city. You can enjoy a swim and a cocktail while soaking up the sun.

Enjoy the Evening

Rome is beautiful at any time of day, but it’s especially magical in the evening. As the temperatures start to cool down, head out to explore the city’s streets and squares. The Piazza Navona is a beautiful square with several fountains and street performers. You can grab a gelato or a drink and enjoy the atmosphere.

The Trastevere neighborhood is another excellent option for an evening stroll. This neighborhood is full of narrow streets and beautiful buildings, and it’s a great place to grab a bite to eat or a drink. You can also enjoy the stunning view of the city from the Gianicolo Hill, which is especially beautiful at sunset.

In conclusion, Rome has plenty to offer, even when it’s hot outside. Whether you want to explore the city’s museums, parks, or pools, there’s something for everyone. So, don’t let the heat keep you from enjoying this beautiful city. Plan accordingly, and you’re sure to have a fantastic time in Rome.

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