# What to Do in Rome with a Child

Are you planning a trip to Rome with your little ones? The Eternal City has plenty of fun and educational activities for kids of all ages. From ancient ruins to delicious gelato, here are some top things to do in Rome with a child.

Exploring Ancient Rome

Rome is famous for its ancient ruins, and children can learn a lot about history by exploring these sites. The Colosseum is a must-visit attraction, and kids will love learning about gladiators and the ancient games that took place here. The Roman Forum is another fascinating area to explore, where you can see the remains of temples, arches, and government buildings.

For a more interactive experience, take a tour of the underground tunnels beneath the city. These tunnels date back to ancient Rome and were used to transport goods and people throughout the city. Kids will love exploring these hidden passageways and learning about life in ancient Rome.

Discovering Art and Culture

Rome is home to some of the world’s most famous art and cultural treasures. The Vatican Museums are a must-visit attraction, where you can see masterpieces by Michelangelo, Raphael, and other famous artists. The Sistine Chapel is also located within the Vatican Museums, and kids will be awed by the stunning frescoes on the ceiling.

For a more hands-on experience, take a pottery class in Rome’s historic neighborhood of Trastevere. Your child can learn how to make traditional Italian ceramics and take home their own handmade souvenir.

Fun and Games

Rome has plenty of fun activities for kids, too. Take a stroll through Villa Borghese, one of Rome’s largest parks, where you can rent bikes, boats, and even a Segway. The park also has a small zoo and a playground for younger children.

For a sweet treat, head to Gelateria del Teatro, one of Rome’s most famous gelato shops. Kids will love trying unique flavors like raspberry and rosemary or white chocolate with basil.


Rome is a fantastic destination for families with children. With its ancient ruins, world-class museums, and fun activities, there’s something for everyone in the Eternal City. Plan your trip today and make unforgettable memories with your little ones.

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