# What to Do in Venice at Night

Venice is known for its romantic canals, stunning architecture, and rich history. But what do you do when the sun sets and the crowds start to dissipate? Fear not, there is still plenty to do in Venice at night. Whether you want to experience the city’s nightlife, take a peaceful stroll, or indulge in some delicious food, Venice has something for everyone. Here are some of the best things to do in Venice at night.

Nightlife in Venice

Venice may not be known for its wild party scene, but there are still plenty of bars and clubs to check out. One popular spot is Campo Santa Margherita, a bustling square with a variety of bars and restaurants. The atmosphere is lively and perfect for grabbing a drink with friends. For a more sophisticated night out, head to the rooftop bar at the Hilton Molino Stucky Venice. The views are breathtaking and the cocktails are top-notch.

Harry’s Bar

A trip to Venice wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Harry’s Bar. This iconic bar has been a favorite of celebrities and locals alike since 1931. The atmosphere is elegant and the drinks are superb. Be sure to try the Bellini, a cocktail made with peach puree and prosecco that was invented at Harry’s Bar.

Bacaro Tour

For a true Venetian experience, take a bacaro tour. Bacari are small bars that serve traditional Venetian snacks called cicchetti. A bacaro tour will take you to several different bars, where you can sample a variety of delicious food and wine.

Romantic Strolls

Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and there’s no better time to experience it than at night. One of the best places for a romantic stroll is along the Grand Canal. The lights reflecting on the water create a magical atmosphere. Another option is to wander through the quiet streets of Cannaregio. This neighborhood is less touristy than others, making it the perfect place for a peaceful walk.

Gondola Ride

No trip to Venice would be complete without a gondola ride. While they can be expensive during the day, prices drop significantly at night. A gondola ride at night is a romantic and peaceful way to see the city.

Delicious Food

Italian cuisine is known for its delicious food, and Venice is no exception. One of the best places to try traditional Venetian food is at a bacaro. In addition to cicchetti, be sure to try sarde in saor, a dish made with marinated sardines and onions. For a more formal dining experience, head to Osteria da Fiore. This Michelin-starred restaurant serves up exquisite seafood dishes that are sure to impress.


No trip to Italy would be complete without gelato. While there are plenty of places to indulge during the day, Gelateria Alaska is open late and offers a variety of unique flavors. Be sure to try the pear and gorgonzola gelato, a surprisingly delicious combination.

In conclusion, Venice may be known for its daytime attractions, but there’s still plenty to do at night. Whether you want to experience the city’s nightlife, take a romantic stroll, or indulge in some delicious food, Venice has something for everyone. So grab a drink, take a walk, and enjoy all that this magical city has to offer.

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