# What to Do in Venice During Carnival

Carnival in Venice is a magical time of year when the city transforms into a world of costumes, masks, and enchantment. There is so much to see and do during this festival, and as an expert in travel, I am excited to share my top recommendations for what to do in Venice during Carnival.

Explore the City’s Most Beautiful Masks

Venice’s Carnival is famous for its elaborate and intricate masks, and one of the best things to do during this festival is to explore the city’s most beautiful masks. You can find these masks in shops and stalls throughout the city, but if you want to see the best of the best, head to the Mask Museum in San Polo. Here, you can see an incredible collection of masks from different eras and traditions, and learn about the history and significance of these beautiful creations.

Attend a Mask-Making Workshop

If you want to take your love of masks to the next level, consider attending a mask-making workshop during Carnival. There are many workshops available throughout the city, where you can learn how to make your own mask using traditional techniques and materials. This is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of Carnival, and create a unique souvenir to take home with you.

Join the Festivities in St. Mark’s Square

St. Mark’s Square is the heart of Carnival in Venice, and there is always something exciting happening here during the festival. From street performances and music to costume contests and parades, there is never a dull moment in this vibrant square. Be sure to check the schedule of events ahead of time so you don’t miss any of the fun.

Attend a Masquerade Ball

One of the most iconic events of Carnival is the masquerade ball, and there are several of these events held throughout the festival. These balls are a chance to dress up in your finest costume and mask, and dance the night away in a stunning Venetian palace or ballroom. While some of these events can be quite expensive, they are an unforgettable experience that you won’t want to miss.

Take a Gondola Ride

No trip to Venice is complete without a gondola ride, and during Carnival, this experience becomes even more magical. As you glide through the canals, you’ll see the city in a whole new light, with colorful decorations and elaborate costumes adding to the enchantment. This is a great way to relax and soak up the atmosphere of Carnival, while enjoying one of the most iconic experiences in Venice.

Attend a Gondola Parade

For a truly unique gondola experience, attend a gondola parade during Carnival. These parades involve decorated gondolas and costumed gondoliers, and take place on the Grand Canal and other waterways throughout the city. This is a fantastic way to see the city from a different perspective, and enjoy the festive spirit of Carnival.

In conclusion, Venice during Carnival is a magical time of year, and there is so much to see and do during this festival. Whether you’re exploring the city’s beautiful masks, joining the festivities in St. Mark’s Square, or taking a gondola ride, there is something for everyone during this time. So, put on your mask and costume, and get ready to immerse yourself in the enchantment of Carnival in Venice.

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