# What to do in Venice Unusual

Are you tired of the typical tourist attractions in Venice? Do you want to experience something different and unique? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of unusual things to do in Venice that will make your trip unforgettable.

Visit the Jewish Ghetto

The Jewish Ghetto in Venice is the oldest in the world, established in 1516. Today, it is a vibrant neighborhood with a rich history and culture. Take a guided tour to learn about the Jewish community’s past and present in Venice, sample delicious kosher food, and visit the beautiful synagogues.

Take a Cooking Class

Venetian cuisine is renowned worldwide, and what better way to experience it than by taking a cooking class? Learn to make traditional Venetian dishes such as risotto, seafood pasta, and tiramisu. You’ll get a hands-on experience and a taste of authentic Venetian culture.

Explore the Hidden Canals

Venice is famous for its canals, but did you know there are hidden canals that only the locals know about? Take a small boat tour and discover the city’s secret waterways. You’ll see beautiful architecture, gardens, and bridges that you won’t find in the main tourist areas.

Attend a Glassblowing Workshop

Murano, a small island near Venice, is famous for its glassblowing workshops. Watch skilled artisans create stunning glass pieces, or even try your hand at making your own. You’ll have a unique souvenir to take home and a newfound appreciation for the art of glassblowing.

Visit the Cemetery Island

San Michele, also known as the Cemetery Island, is a peaceful and unusual place to visit in Venice. It is the final resting place of many famous figures, including Igor Stravinsky and Ezra Pound. Stroll through the beautiful gardens and admire the elaborate tombstones.

Take a Ghost Tour

Venice has a rich history of legends and ghost stories, and a ghost tour is a perfect way to experience the city’s spooky side. Learn about haunted palaces and mysterious deaths as you walk through the dimly lit streets and alleyways.

In conclusion, Venice is full of surprises and hidden gems. By exploring the city’s unusual attractions, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of its history and culture. Whether you’re interested in food, art, or ghost stories, Venice has something for everyone.

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