# What to Do on Sunday in Rome

If you’re lucky enough to be spending a Sunday in Rome, you’re in for a treat. The Eternal City is full of things to see and do on any day of the week, but on Sundays, it seems to come alive. From historic landmarks to delicious food, here’s a guide on what to do on Sunday in Rome.

Visit the Vatican City

Sunday is the perfect day to visit the Vatican City. Not only is it the religious center of the Catholic Church, but it’s also a treasure trove of art and history. Attend the Sunday Mass at Saint Peter’s Basilica and admire its stunning architecture, including Michelangelo’s famous Pieta sculpture. Afterward, head over to the Vatican Museums, which house some of the most famous works of art in the world, including the Sistine Chapel.

Tips for Visiting the Vatican City

  • Dress appropriately – no shorts, bare shoulders, or mini-skirts.
  • – Book your tickets in advance to avoid long lines.
  • – Bring a water bottle and some snacks, as there are no food or drink vendors inside.

Explore Trastevere

Trastevere is a charming neighborhood on the west bank of the Tiber River, known for its narrow streets, colorful buildings, and lively atmosphere. On Sundays, the area comes alive with street performers, artists, and musicians. Take a stroll through the cobblestone streets, stopping at local shops and cafes along the way. Don’t miss the Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere, one of the oldest churches in Rome.

Tips for Exploring Trastevere

  • Wear comfortable shoes, as the streets can be uneven.
  • – Try some of the local cuisine, such as suppli (fried rice balls) and pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice).
  • – Visit in the afternoon to catch the lively street performers.

Visit the Colosseum and Roman Forum

No trip to Rome is complete without a visit to the Colosseum and Roman Forum. These iconic landmarks are open on Sundays and offer a glimpse into the ancient history of Rome. Marvel at the engineering feats of the Colosseum, where gladiators once battled to the death. Then, explore the ruins of the Roman Forum, where the ancient government and commercial center of Rome once stood.

Tips for Visiting the Colosseum and Roman Forum

  • Book your tickets in advance to avoid long lines.
  • – Wear sunscreen and a hat, as the area can be quite hot and sunny.
  • – Bring a guidebook or audio guide to learn about the history of these landmarks.

In conclusion, spending a Sunday in Rome is an unforgettable experience. With so much to see and do, you’ll have no shortage of activities to fill your day. Whether you’re visiting the Vatican City, exploring Trastevere, or admiring the ancient ruins of the Colosseum and Roman Forum, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable time in the Eternal City.

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