# What to Eat in Milan Street Food

Milan is not only known for its fashion and design, but also for its delicious street food. From savory to sweet, Milan’s street food scene has something for everyone. In this article, we will explore the best street food options in Milan that you must try during your visit.


One of the most popular street foods in Milan is the panzerotti. These fried pockets of dough are filled with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, and sometimes other ingredients like ham or mushrooms. They are crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside. You can find them in almost every street food stall in Milan.

Where to find panzerotti

The most famous place to try panzerotti in Milan is Luini’s, a historic bakery located in the city center. But you can also find them in other places like Panzerottimania, which offers a wide variety of fillings, or Da Panzerotto, a small stall located in Navigli, a trendy neighborhood in Milan.


Porchetta is a traditional Italian dish made of roasted pork, usually served as a sandwich. In Milan, you can find it as a street food, and it’s a must-try for meat lovers. The pork is roasted for hours with herbs and spices, and then sliced and served on a crusty bread roll.

Where to find porchetta

One of the best places to try porchetta in Milan is La Porchetta di via Cento, a small food truck located in the Porta Romana neighborhood. They serve porchetta sandwiches with different toppings like arugula, roasted peppers, and truffle cream. Another great option is Porchetteria Brunetti, a food truck located in the Navigli area that serves porchetta sandwiches with a homemade salsa verde.


Focaccia is a flatbread that originated in Liguria, but it’s also a popular street food in Milan. It’s made with olive oil, salt, and sometimes other ingredients like rosemary or cherry tomatoes. It’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and it’s perfect as a snack or a light lunch.

Where to find focaccia

You can find focaccia in many places in Milan, but one of the best places to try it is Focacceria San Francesco, a small bakery located in the Brera district. They offer a wide variety of focaccia toppings like prosciutto, stracchino cheese, and zucchini flowers. Another great option is Panificio Pattini, a bakery located in the Porta Venezia area that serves delicious focaccia with different fillings like mortadella, artichokes, and gorgonzola cheese.


Gelato is not exactly a street food, but it’s a must-try dessert in Milan. Italian gelato is famous all over the world for its creamy texture and intense flavors. In Milan, you can find many gelaterias that offer a wide variety of flavors, from classic ones like chocolate and vanilla to more unique ones like ricotta and figs.

Where to find gelato

One of the best places to try gelato in Milan is Gelateria della Musica, a small gelateria located in the Navigli area. They offer a wide variety of flavors made with natural and seasonal ingredients. Another great option is Il Massimo del Gelato, a gelateria located in the Brera district that offers delicious gelato with flavors like pistachio, hazelnut, and ricotta and pear.

In conclusion, Milan’s street food scene is rich and diverse, offering something for every taste. From savory to sweet, from traditional to innovative, Milan’s street food will satisfy your cravings and make your trip unforgettable. Don’t miss the opportunity to try these delicious treats during your visit to Milan.

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