# What to Eat in Rome TripAdvisor: A Guide for Foodie Travelers

Are you planning a trip to Rome and wondering what to eat? Look no further! As a seasoned traveler and foodie, I have compiled a list of must-try dishes and restaurants that will leave you satisfied and craving for more.

Roman Classics: Sezione H2

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Start off your culinary journey by indulging in some of the city’s classic dishes.


Carbonara is a pasta dish made with eggs, pecorino cheese, guanciale (cured pork cheek), and black pepper. The sauce is creamy and decadent, and pairs perfectly with the al dente pasta. One of the best places to try carbonara is at Da Enzo al 29 in Trastevere.

Cacio e Pepe

Another classic pasta dish is cacio e pepe, which means cheese and pepper. This simple yet flavorful dish is made with pecorino cheese, black pepper, and spaghetti or bucatini. The cheese sauce is made by mixing the cheese with the starchy pasta water. Head to Flavio al Velavevodetto in Testaccio for some of the best cacio e pepe in town.


Supplì is a popular street food in Rome, similar to a fried rice ball stuffed with ragù and mozzarella cheese. The outer layer is crispy and the filling is savory and cheesy. You can find this delicious snack at many bars and restaurants in the city, including Pizzarium in Prati.

Hidden Gems: Sezione H2

While the classic dishes are a must-try, Rome has many hidden gems that are worth exploring.


Trapizzino is a fusion between a pizza and a sandwich, and is a popular street food in Rome. The bread is shaped like a triangle and filled with various types of meat, vegetables, and sauces. One of the best places to try this unique dish is at Trapizzino in Testaccio.

Fiori di Zucca

Fiori di Zucca, or fried zucchini flowers, is a delicacy that can be found in many traditional Roman trattorias. The flowers are stuffed with mozzarella and anchovy, and then fried until crispy. Head to Roscioli in Campo de’ Fiori for some of the best fiori di zucca in the city.

Gelato: Sezione H2

No trip to Rome is complete without indulging in some gelato. While there are many gelaterias around the city, not all of them are created equal.


Giolitti is a historic gelateria that has been serving delicious gelato since 1900. Their flavors range from classic to creative, and their gelato is made with high-quality ingredients. Make sure to try their signature flavor, Crema Gianduia.


Fatamorgana is a modern gelateria that offers unique and innovative flavors. Their gelato is made with organic and natural ingredients, and they have many vegan and gluten-free options. Try their Pistacchio di Bronte for a flavor explosion in your mouth.

In conclusion, Rome is a food lover’s paradise. From classic dishes to hidden gems, there is something for everyone. Make sure to try these must-try dishes and gelaterias during your next trip to Rome. Buon appetito!

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