# What to See in Naples for a Day

Naples is a city that is rich in history, culture, and cuisine. It is a destination that should not be missed when visiting Italy. While it may be impossible to see everything in Naples in one day, there are some must-see attractions that you should add to your itinerary. Here are some of the top things to see in Naples for a day.

Explore the Historic Center

The historic center of Naples is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is one of the largest historic city centers in the world. This area is a maze of narrow streets, alleyways, and piazzas that are filled with an incredible amount of history and culture. Some of the must-see attractions in the historic center include the Cappella Sansevero, the Piazza del Plebiscito, and the Castel dell’Ovo.

Visit the Cappella Sansevero

The Cappella Sansevero is a small chapel that is filled with some of the most incredible sculptures in the world. The most famous sculpture in the chapel is the Veiled Christ, which is a sculpture of Jesus Christ covered in a marble veil that is so lifelike that it looks like it could be lifted at any moment.

Explore the Piazza del Plebiscito

The Piazza del Plebiscito is the largest square in Naples and is surrounded by some of the city’s most beautiful buildings, including the Royal Palace of Naples and the Basilica of San Francesco di Paola. It is also a popular spot for locals and tourists to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Visit the Castel dell’Ovo

The Castel dell’Ovo is a medieval castle that is located on a small island in the Bay of Naples. It is a beautiful spot to visit and offers stunning views of the city and the bay. The castle is also home to a small museum that showcases the history of the castle and the surrounding area.

Try Some Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

No trip to Naples is complete without trying some authentic Neapolitan pizza. Naples is known as the birthplace of pizza, and the city is home to some of the best pizzerias in the world. Some of the must-visit pizzerias in Naples include Pizzeria da Michele, Sorbillo, and Di Matteo.

Visit the National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum in Naples is one of the most important archaeological museums in the world. The museum is home to an incredible collection of artifacts from ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt, and is a must-visit for anyone interested in history and archaeology.

Take a Walk Along the Lungomare

The Lungomare is a picturesque promenade that runs along the Bay of Naples. It is a popular spot for locals and tourists to take a stroll and enjoy the beautiful views of the bay and the surrounding area.


Naples is a city that is full of history, culture, and cuisine. While it may be impossible to see everything in Naples in one day, these must-see attractions are a great starting point for anyone visiting the city for a day. Whether you are interested in history, food, or just taking in the beautiful scenery, Naples has something for everyone.

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