# What to See in Venice Biennale 2019

Are you planning a trip to Venice for the Biennale 2019? With so many events and exhibitions happening, it can be overwhelming to decide what to see. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are our top picks for must-see exhibitions and events at the Venice Biennale 2019.

The Central Exhibition: May You Live in Interesting Times

The Central Exhibition at this year’s Biennale is titled “May You Live in Interesting Times,” and it features works by over 80 artists from around the world. The exhibition is curated by Ralph Rugoff, the director of London’s Hayward Gallery, and it explores the concept of uncertainty in today’s world. This exhibition is a must-see for anyone interested in contemporary art and global issues.


  • Turner Prize-winning artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s sound installation “Walled Unwalled” explores the politics of sound and borders.
  • – Swiss artist Christoph Büchel’s “Barca Nostra” is a powerful installation of a sunken migrant ship, highlighting the ongoing refugee crisis.
  • – American artist Nicole Eisenman’s “Procession” is a series of bronze sculptures that explore the human form and emotion.

National Pavilions

The Venice Biennale also features national pavilions, each showcasing the work of artists from a particular country. Here are two pavilions not to be missed:

French Pavilion: Deep See Blue Surrounding You / Vois Ce Bleu Profond Te Fondre

The French Pavilion’s exhibition is titled “Deep See Blue Surrounding You / Vois Ce Bleu Profond Te Fondre,” and it features the work of artist Laure Prouvost. The exhibition is a sensory experience that explores memory and imagination through sound, scent, and visual art.

British Pavilion: Cathy Wilkes

The British Pavilion’s exhibition features the work of Scottish artist Cathy Wilkes. The exhibition is a series of intimate installations that explore the complexities of everyday life and the human experience.

Collateral Events

In addition to the Central Exhibition and national pavilions, the Venice Biennale also features a number of collateral events, including exhibitions and performances. Here are two events not to be missed:

Sun & Sea (Marina)

This Lithuanian opera performance takes place on an artificial beach, featuring a cast of performers singing about climate change and the human impact on the environment.

The Spark is You: Parasol Unit in Venice

This exhibition features the work of 19 contemporary artists from around the world, exploring themes of identity, migration, and displacement.


The Venice Biennale 2019 offers a wide range of exhibitions and events, from the Central Exhibition to national pavilions and collateral events. Whether you’re interested in contemporary art, global issues, or sensory experiences, there’s something for everyone at the Biennale. Don’t miss out on these must-see exhibitions and events!

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